REVIEW: Battlefield Accessories set

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Battlefield Accessories set




these are an age old throwback to a much simpler time in 40k. in the old days you would see this kit everywhere in WD... and to be honest its not bad at all. you get exactly what you see in the pic, its nice quality and has enough detail to look good but not so much you have to spend hours on a, lets face it, piece of window dressing.

the tank traps are not that amazing but can be useful, and the four-pronged thing will easily fit on the front of a Russ or Chimera.

the pallet is also a very handy item, as it fits exactly into the chimera chassis, meaing you can easily chop your own salamanders or griffons... i know iv done it.

the barrels are ok and the ammo crates, with the exception of the drop canister, are top notch. the jerry can is pretty poor tho.


1. good price still- retro value
2. handy for conversions- you will be surprised just HOW handy
3. chunky in the 40k style so might fit in better than ww2 bitz
4. not hard to make look good


1. would cheerfully bin the drop canister for another ammo crate
2. tank traps seem unrealistic
3. jerry can- so wank


as you can tell, there is little to either rave or get sad about. for seven bucks you get a fair bit of stuff. for SM or IG players there is stuff that can really make a difference, and orky players will like the metal spikes. worth it.



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Re: REVIEW: Battlefield Accessories set

Ah yes fond memories of this set the first time round and the Tank-traps and Barrels sprue originally came in the GorkaMorkA boxed game.

The crates and barrels are very useful little bits of terrain to have, I've used them to turn rooms in Space Hulk and Space Crusade into cargo bays and as supply crates in survival scenarios for various games, including Neromunda, GorkaMorkA and 40k
Another fun thing to do with them is to house-rule in that the barrels are full of highly volatile fuel and have them explode when damaged DooM style! (again I've done this in GorkaMorkA, Neromunda, Frag and Space Crusade many times)

Like you, I've used the parts from this set for many conversions, the X shaped tank tracks have nice hexagonal bolt details on them which can be shaved off and used to add detail to other models (I often did this to give my Ork Trukks and Looked Tankz a more ramshackle appearance). I've even used one of the 4 pronged tank traps to make the ramming-spikes on my Orcish Siege Tower.
The Drop Canisters I've painted the middles of to look like they are glowing green and use as "fuel-rods" and "reactor cores" in various Sci-fi games
The folk-lift pallets I've found very useful too, I used one to build a platform on the back of my now very old scratch build Battle Wagon and also as an open lift on one of my old bits of Sci-fi terrain

one of the coolest things I've seen done with the crates and barrels was in an old White Dwarf when they introduced some new (at the time) Necron models and a table had been set up as an archaeological  dig site excavating a Necron pyramid, they even scratch build a 40k forklift-truck from a Britains farm vehicle!
(I'll do a little archaeological dig of my own and try to find the WD in question scan the pictures)  

all in all I like this set, one question though - when I bought it back in late 90's it was £5 and I think it came with 2 of each sprue, £7 isn't a bad price increase considering the time and GW, but dose it still come with 2 of each sprue? I see only the enough parts for one of each sprue in the picture ...
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Re: REVIEW: Battlefield Accessories set

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ooooo no sir! one of each... the cunts!

id like to see that article actually
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