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Pure Tallarn Flesh, I assure you.  I tweaked the light and contrast, but left the colour balance well alone, this time.

LOTR?  Yes and no.  I'd love to build a War of the Ring army.  I've got my eye on either Reavers or Haradrim as the core.  But I paint a lot of LOTR purely for eBay.  Although the asking prices aren't as good on LOTR as they are on 40k, it's possible to pick up loads of minis for a song.  I bought Saruman and Denethor for £2, including postage.  Oh, and speaking of Denethor:



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Re: PrecinctOmega's model dump

Denethor's looking good man

I've been thinking about doing a LotR army for a while now (probably an Orcish hoard) I have a few sprues of Uruk Hai, Moria Goblins and Last Alliance troops lying around untouched - plus I own 3 or 4 LotR trolls that I originally intended to use in WHFRP and D&D.

The only thing that has put me off the LotR range from the beginning is the 25mm scale makes them incompatible with the bulk of my existing miniatures and terrain meaning it would be kinda like starting all over again

I think I'm gonna wait and see if Newline give GW a license for The Hobbit as I'd love to own a nice big model of Smaug
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Is that chainmail he is wearing under the coat-it looks good.
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