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Posting Pictures from PhotoBucket on the Forum

I am aware that people who are members of several websites like to upload their images to Photobucket (or similar Image Hosting sites) and then use the same pictures on each forum they post on, which is fair enough and saves time having to repeatedly upload the same images over and over for each website.

To post pictures from PhotoBucket to the tLatD Forum, you’ll need the HTML picture code.
Fortunately at the moment PB does provide the code under the heading ‘Having trouble? Try using this code to post on another website:’ when you press ‘Share’ and then ‘Post to Website’

You can also find the HTML code for your PB just above where you find the IMG code and there is also an option for Thumb Nails (but it isn’t very good)

However Photobucket seems to change layout each time I use it so I can’t guarantee it will always have this useful bits on the page, anyway hope this helps you all
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