Possibly the best news this year....

Posted by Talsin Talsin
Today I received the below email:

Hi Daniel!

At long, long last, the Dragon you pre-ordered way back in 2010 is ready to be shipped!

As I think you know, after a series of let-downs from suppliers and spending all my time trying to change the way the dragon went together to solve the problems that people were having with casting it and eventually having to sell my house and use the money to buy resin casting equipment to learn how to do it myself, I’ve been casting and casting and casting Dragons. At last I’ve reached yours!

Assuming you still want it after all this time, I now need you to pay some money towards the shipping. I have you down as having paid £113 for the dragon so far, in 2010. Please follow this link (you will need to create a customer account on the shop preferably, but you can check out without an account, too)  and enter the number of items as e.g. ’12’ to add £12 to the basket (any extra amount beyond this that you care to add would be massively appreciated as the Dragon costs me much more than £100 to produce, it’s entirely up to you, no obligation! :) ). Having added that to the cart, if you don’t want to order anything else at the same time, press continue until you get to the shipping page, and then choose ‘Store PickUp/Collect In Person’ - this will prevent further shipping being applied.

I’d like to thank you one last time for the incredible trust and patience you have shown me over this farce – I truly appreciate it and am glad I’ve been able to keep my word to you and get you a Dragon – just wish it had been a lot sooner!

For those who do not know about this head over to Heresy Miniatures and check it out.

Now that is a pre-order wait!



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Re: Possibly the best news this year....

So, here are a few pics of my new Dragon.

Dragon scupled base, on a lined A4 pad

The wings!

Thats all for now
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Re: Possibly the best news this year....

You tease!
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