Perditus - 40k tourny day!!

Posted by Triple Helix Wargames Triple Helix Wargames
Hi All,

We're sending out a call-to-arms for all those with an interest in helping something innovative take root and grow! And when it comes to gaming that's pretty much all of us!

We're running a small tourney called Perditus on Saturday, 11th December, it will be 500pts of Space Marine love-in - we need entrants to allow a good playtest of an innovative approach to tourneys that will allow armies to develop experience as the day goes on. If successful then this approach will guide our development of tourneys going forward, and bring a different, and we hope more fun orientated approach to one-day tournaments. To enter you will only need 2 10-man tactical squads, and one 100pt HQ. The full details can be found here: 

The ticket price is £15, for a full-days tournament gaming on the Saturday (with lunch included) and a full-days complementary apocalypse/campaign day gaming on the Sunday (sadly, lunch is not included on Sunday). You can pay for your ticket on-line through our website ( by searching 'Perditus' or in-store.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Steve, THW