PROJECT: laser cutting geek items

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guess who is back motherlickers?? miss me?

so recently iv been playing with the laser cutter at work and decided to show you all my skillz.

so that was just a set of pac-man dollies, nothing too exciting. i was just honing my skills...

next i decided to use the 2-D design software to make something awesome.

some of the curves are a bit "choppy" on the N64 controller, but iv since improved them.

i used them to cut these test pieces using scrap off cuts (which is my the snes one is missing an edge)

thems FULL SIZE baby!

then finally i used some cool looking florescent green to do the full set, which i plan to mount in a box frame in my study. these are 50% sized. when i get chance i will buy some decent acrylic and make a set of full sized ones. the green N64 controller has been re-drawn to be smoother since the yellow one

what do you think then inferior nerdlingers?

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Re: PROJECT: laser cutting geek items

Nice work

I can't help but think you should be using this sort of thing  to make some wargaming templates
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