New special zombies ideas;

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New special zombies ideas;

If you have any ideas for new special infected/ boss zombies, please feel free to add a rough outline, here.

I'm going to add the following;
Charger/ Ram/ etc
Unable to sprint. Tough, strong, but slow. When the circumstance is right, he charges full pelt towards survivors.

It would be counted like a ranged weapon. Much like the Tangler, in a way. It would have a range of 18", and a blast radius on contact.
The model aimed at will be taken as far as that 18" will allow, others under the initial blast will take damage too.
The model charged will then be attacked in close combat in the Chargers turn, and unless they are a Tier 2 Martial art class character, they will be unable to avoid the attack.
Martial artists will take the initial damag from being hit, but will then be allowed to make their full compliment of attacks before the Charger can make his.

He will have a VERY powerful charge, and have a toughness comparable to a Tangler. But in all, his lack of speed will hinder any ability to really threaten survivors until he is fully ready to attack.

Feel free to give your own ideas.
I know there is one left from out favourite zombie game, but I am struggling to see how to implement rules for a Jockey.
Mankinds first mistake; Questioning why those around him, are dying.
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Re: New special zombies ideas;

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Not truly cybernetic, moreso corrupted by metals absorbed by the spreading virus. The Cyberzombie has an obscenely thick weave of metallic compounds within its' rotting flesh. Weapons are occasionally assimilated in a "useful" manner.
Sometimes, they merely make the creature more volatile when killed.

They are a "Boss" zombie, on par physically with a Tank, but even more resilient. They're slower, however, as the metallic frames hinder their movement. Usually.
Occasionally, the levels of mutation with reenforce their musculature, greatly enhancing their gait, and turning them into a wrecking ball.

They are an incredibly rare Boss, but when they turn up, survivors will never forget them.
Upon arrival, roll D6..
1-2 - Crippled
It will be slower, less capable in combat and have no ranged weapon. The creature has mutated beyond what the old physical body could "cater" for. It is extremely resilient, but is utterly useless in combat.
M-2 | Ws-2 | Bs-0 | S-4 | T-5 | W-3 | I-1 | A-2 | Ld-10 | 5+ armour | £30/ 30 exp
Two close combat weapons (A+1)

3 - Enhanced physique
The creature is faster than it should logically be, but as a result, is slightly less resilient than other forms of the mutation. It hits hard, and is difficult to take down with basic weapons.
M-8 | Ws-3 | Bs-0 | S-4 | T-3 | W-3 | I-5 | A-3 | Ld-10 | 5+ Dodge | £60/ 70 exp
Two close combat weapons (A+1)

4 - Melee
The metal morphs have created scything blades of steel, whips of flesh and wire and a spiked, barbed sort of hair over larger patches of its' flesh that deter attackers in melee. It is slow, on par with a Cleaver, but more resilient.
M-4 | Ws-4 | Bs-0 | S-6 | T-5 | W-3 | I-3 | A-2 | Ld-10 | 4+ armour | £60/ 60 exp
Counts as being equipped with a Chainsaw

5 - Ballistic
Capable of firing weapons formed into its' limbs and trunk, thus mutation uses the ability to cripple and debilitate fleeing survivors. It's an incredibly tough creature.
M-2 | Ws-1 | Bs-3 | S-4 | T-6 | W-5 | I-1 | A-1 | Ld-10 | 3+ armour | £100/ 90 exp
Counts as carrying the following weapons;
Military flamethrower, Civilian machine gun, Pair of Single-handed shotguns, Pair of single-handed SMGs.

6 - Explosive
The chemicals absorbed have created a horrifically explosive soup within a steel shell. When shot at, it always has a chance of erupting, giving a good chance of shredding anything nearby in a wave of shrapnel and fire.
It will be the most vulnerable form of Cyberzombie, but ultimately the most dangerous as close quarters. The blast WILL hurt other zombies.
M-4 | Ws-2 | Bs-0 | S-4 | T-3 | W-2 | I-1 | A-2 | Ld-10 | 5+ armour | £50/ 60 exp
When killed, it explodes just like a C4 charge.

None of them can sprint.
Mankinds first mistake; Questioning why those around him, are dying.
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the street...

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In reply to this post by messyart
The Colossal

(This is being made simply because I've nearly finished my super mutant Behemoth model for Fallout and he is fucking HUGE - 5" tall!)

Seemingly an extreme reaction of what typically turns the infected into a Brute, the Collosal has a wide and colourful range of names. Typically "FUCK!".
It stands at around 15 to 20 foot tall and is easily capable of tearing down buildings with its immense physical strength.

During attacks, it's seen mostly trying to destroy survivor defenses, either by soaking up explosives and gunfire as the horde runs riot, or literally tearing it from the ground. Often, throwing it back at the survivors, too.
Much like the Brute, it is more than capable of hurling friend and foe aside like toys, though with far more destructive power.

Boss infected
M- 3" - Can sprint, but prevents any other infected models doing so that turn. (The ground shakes and they all stumble!)
Ld- n/a

Save; 4+ but negates penalties.

Special rules;
Like the Brute is able to punch survivors and small structures, the Collosal is capable of flinging all but the most secure of structures. Ok, he can't pick a building from the ground and throw it, but the spray of masonry as he swings into it is gonna hit someone!
He can trade in his A for a single, incedibly powerful attack that his survivors on a 2+. They immediately suffer 3 wounds at S 10. They're thrown up to 30" in a line of the GMs choosing (within reason!) and can fall short if the GM so chooses.
Unless they were hit from a higher position to where they landed, they will suffer an additional D10 S8 hits upon landing and then "bounce" an additional D6" in a random direction. They will only suffer additional damage if they collide with an object, suffering one hit equal in S to the distance moved during their "bounce".
The Colossal can use the same ability on vehicles of ANY size, hitting automatically, though the distance launched is halved.

In addition, he may destroy terrain pieces with it. The attack hits automatically. Any model within 12" will be hit by D6 S4 attacks as masonry is smashed in their direction.

Like King Kong, the Colossal is easily capable of climbing vertical surfaces. It doesn't take much, since he's able to punch in foot holds as he goes. He can ascend vertical surfaces, trading in his 3" movement to climb a floor a turn.
Likewise, descending isn't much of a problem. He will not suffer damage for falling. However, for the following turn, all models suffer -1Bs due to the shaking ground.

While the Brute is relatively small by comparison, and incapable of attacking while grappling an individual, the Colossal can grab an individual with one hand as he continues attacking with the other.
He can trade in his attacks for a single grabbing attack. Any model within 2" can be taken, and they can only avoid it if they successfully pass an Initiative check.
If they fail, they are held tightly in his enormous hands. Every following turn, he may either thrown them, using his Demolition ability, automatically passing his 2+ to hit roll. .
Or crush them.
The survivor suffers D10 S8 wounds immediately.
The individual being held can only escape on any turn after the Colossal has been wounded successfully, by attempting another Initiative test.
If they pass, they fall at least 6 foot to the floor and suffer a single S2 wound. If they fail, they're trapped for another turn!
While holding a survivor, the Colossal can still use all of his other attacks without penalty.

Cash; £100
Experience; 300!
Loot; Weapons of Gm choosing, in numbers of the GMs choosing!
D10 Medikits
An additional 5D10x10 cash!
Mankinds first mistake; Questioning why those around him, are dying.