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New Imperial Guard Codex

Imperial Guard codex

Well the new codex has arrived thanks kindly to A G-W manager that temp opened his store for me. When i arrived 20 mins late.

The first thing that court my eye, were these new Advisor's.

1 The master of ordnance which the General B has mentioned on an earlier post. You basically get a single heavy blast ordnance every turn.

2 Astropath  + 1 on reserve rolls and a reroll for flanking moves.

3 Master of the fleet. The opposite to the above – 1 one enemy's flanking rolls.

4 body guards x 2 help keep your commander alive.

All your officers can give various orders to strengthen the game a little, you have to pass a ld test first and your orders back fire if you get A double 6.

Commissars can be added to your 10 man squads, so il be dusting them off soon.
I used to get ticked off when you tool your commanders and lt;s just to get slotted by him for a little overkill on the die. They still follow the old shooting psykers rule and slotting failed ld tests, but  if you put them in your 10 man squads, it don;t matter to much.

Penal troops are in with only standard lasguns but on a d6 roll they have a few nasty few tricks up their sleeve. Sadly no Shaffers last chancers.

As the General B has mentioned Storm troopers can have Valkyries and gun ship support.  

The best news iv had is lots of tank choices
yes iv really missed my special tank conversions

The Vanquisher and exterminator or rightfully back.

There is also a couple of new tanks.

The L R Eradicator with it;s strengh 6 nova cannon. No cover save with bad girl.

The L R Punisher with it;s gattling cannon, ouch for just chewing up light infantry.

The L R Executioner  is in with it;s nasty plasma cannon.

But one of the best things I like is that all these tanks and the bog standard L R can upgrade their sponsons with plasma or melta guns.

Sadly no Conquerors or Tank destroyers.

-- Mark RG (Game on)