Napoleon, The Battle of Three Emperors (Austerlitz)

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Napoleon, The Battle of Three Emperors (Austerlitz)

Over the last few weeks iv been in Czech Republic. I visited The Battle of the three Emperors,  ( The Battle of Austerlitz )Battle demonstration and it was pretty damn cool to see. The Czechs do this every year around the nearest weekend around the 2nd of December every year.

Cannons blasting and Caverly charges it's all pretty damn cool. then later firework displays.

This Battle is where Napoleon defeated Austria and the Perssians in 1805 the same year of The Battle of Trafalgar. The following day they hold like a rememberance parade at The Cairn of Peace wich is a big memoral building which you can go inside. There is a small musiem Cafe next to it with films in English. In the local town they do a market with lots of old weapons for sale and plenty of hot wine.


If you do go dress for wet, cold weather, wellys and boots.

Game on.
-- Mark RG (Game on)