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NEW CLUB: first contact...

General Biakal
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Last week a mysterious email came to me that had bounced around several people and offices until, by some crazy xenu powered brownian motion, it arrived at my inbox.

there was a new club in town...

i was a bit nervous about going because its never nice going into a pub full of normal people on your own and asking in a squeaky voice where the toy soldiers are played... and all my other geek-mates were either being pussy whipped, being a Fireman* or just staring at the wall. so i went, han solo style.

therefore at 7pm i manned the fuck up, put my core paints in the hobby box (snakebite, DA green, chaos, elf flesh, devlan mud, botgun metal) and wandered in, putting on an air of "yeah, im fucking somebody" (cos its always nice to come over as an utter dick when you first meet people) and introduced myself.

It as a tiny anti-climax however as the membership that night was "Some guy, Some other guy, Me and three old blokes looking on bemused- and a dog."

that aside the welcome was warm and I instantly felt i was amoung like minded geeks. The regular members (both) had a fantasy battle planned which i was in no mood to spoil- Elves/dwarves Vs. Demons if your interested- so i did some painting while they played. we had a right old chat and there was a good atmosphere, but it is a very VERY new club so its always nice to get involved early on. I was told that night was a bit of an anomaly and there are normally more members, which in actual fact suited me fine... it gave me chance to get used to the vibe without too many new people, so next week if there is more there i won't be distracted by the new surroundings... and does that sound a little mental? Am I mental? ....who said that?

iv been spoiled by our gaming group in Castle Donnington... we there have more tables, more terrain and scenery and more members than this actual propper club... but the advantage is its got more new people to play against and most important, its not in Terry's dining area. what we loose out on looking at his wifes tits we gain by not having to deal with her moaning.

I have a game planned with Ross, the club supremo, next Wednesday, in which i hope to be ultimo victorious to stamp my tubby authority on these geeks. (thats what im telling myself- in reality I know I will get hammered and leave in tears, vowing never to return except to wreak my revenge, Phantom style... Muhahahahah!) and seeing as how they are very keen to publish battle reports on the FB page (great idea) no doubt you will all get to read about it should you so wish...

more to follow once I have had my first battle!


*being a firman is no where near as cool as you think- from what i gather they just sit around eating until the bell goes and then go watch a factory burn down...
"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch