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My first time as DM

Hi Guys
Today i tried out playing some Mortis quest with some 14 year old Czech students i teach.
For starters i have only had about 45 mins to do this. I gave my students an extra 15 mins if they would do there homework for next week. if they don't do there homework then no game next week.

With the shortness of time i tried to keep it simple as possible.
3 students, 2 chose dwarfs ( one tank, one archer) and 1 student chose the human thief.

The story goes.
2 dwarfs meet a thief and ask him to join their quest to search a new found cave. They go down the cave and find a locked door so they needed the thief to open it. Once at the bottom of the stairs. The drawfs search for traps and treasure setting off a wondering monster. A goblin with a spear. With in one turn the goblin was sushi. The drarf and the theif found gold and a gem.

The thief with his further movement opened a door and one of the dwarfs searched for traps. Good drills. The next dwarf opened another door just to be attacked by a crocodile. After another turn the croc was dead.
Sadly 45 minutes were up.
My students loved the game. I think i have them hooked. But they will only game next week if they do there homework.
I took only a few pics but enjoy.

-- Mark RG (Game on)