Mushroom Extravaganza!

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
This is a follow up post to 2 previous posts I made about my first Home Made Shrieker Mushroom and my tutorial on how to Make Your Own Shrieker Mushrooms It's not just Shrieker Mushrooms you're going to see in this post though, this is going to be (as the title says) an extravaganza of mushrooms.

These mushroom were made using various techniques - the larger ones are made from Green Stuff using techniques similar to those used to made the Shrieker Mushrooms. Some of the smaller ones are made from Split Peas an idea which I got from a terrain making article that appeared in Issue 1 of Chronicles (a magazine published by Target Games which covered their Chronopia and WarZone games). Others came off an old Citadel Night Goblin sprue or are made of mushroom shaped pieces from my bits box (such as small a shield and the end of a drummer's baton). These pieces will be used a generic mushroom patches in games and can be used to represent all kinds of mushroom be they edible, poisonous, hallucinogenic or perhaps even enchanted.      

^ The front cover of Chronicles #1

These are most recent Shrieker Mushroom sculpts - Since posting the tutorial I have made quite a few more Shrieker Mushrooms, giving me a total of 7 - as you can see enough to fill a good sized room. I'm looking forward to using these in games along side some cave terrain pieces I have planned. If you're wondering what happened to the Shrieker Mushroom I took the step by step photos of for the tutorial, I recommend taking a good long hard look at just where your life might be going.

Actually with the application of some short lengths of wire and a little super-glue I turned that particular mushroom into a Violet Fungi which should prove useful for making encounters with  Shrieker Mushrooms more interesting.