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Hey, I go by a few names online and you have the honor of meeting GingeKinger.
I havnt been playing Warhammer for very long, when i was much younger i used to paint/ruin space marines some how i managed to loss or give them all away.
I now have a box of half painted dwarfs and Gobbos from the skullpass Starter set. Slowly painting them and learning the rules.

I love Video games, Fantasy, reading and writing.
Currently playing: Warhammer Online
Currently Reading: Brisingr

I had a mad few months trying to get my friends to play DnD with me so i went out and bought loads of the core and add on books, never got to use them much but there still a nice read. Its hard to get every one together when they claim there all so busy.

Those who have met me in RL will know that i love tattoo's and piercings.

Im hoping to learn alot from this forum and hopfully i can bring as much to it that i have taken away.
Black Capricorn