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by Removed • | | 2 comments
Hello TLaTD, Well I have recently received my Tau XV15 Shas'vre stealthsuit purchase from ebay (£2.50!) for a Ethereal conversion and after looking at it for what im going to use I realised some little bits that save me alot of time and money. I have a markerlight mould from the burst cannon more
by Talsin • | | 9 comments
Velcome Mine Dear Guest, to This humbe thread..... Anyway enough of the BAAAAAAAAAD Dracula impression. had a lovely email arrive this morning from my friendly Vampire Count Forum. VC have been confirmed for Jan, with several new kits and a big army book. Currently all we have is mostly more
by Removed • | | 6 comments
Hi Guys, Xmas present from Mantic -Lumberjack
by Cardboard Carnage • | | 9 comments
Hey all, I was wondering what projects everyone has for 2012. I'm going to try my best to complete my Warhammer Quest collection. I am now only a few miniatures shy and need the Pits & Traps too. Also, at the same time, I am working on completing my Advanced Heroquest collection too. I' more
by jogar_t_hutt • | | 5 comments
forgeworld is launching some new Fimir i cant find a link to on the website but the link to some pics on ttf forth item down
by messyart • | | 5 comments
You may have picked up the name if you've explored the Hasslefree site as much as me. Well, I noticed this; £24, not bad.. Naturally I thought of Biakal. There's not a huge range of anything else, however. Mostly fantasy more
by messyart • | | 4 comments
In looking for some plastic, 28mm scale cows for my Fallout game, I found this site; Or more specifically, this part of it; Go peek over the rest if you want, I'd advise is. But the second more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 5 comments
If you live in the UK The Wargaming Portal is something you should really be excited about. Founded only a few months ago, The Wargaming Portal is a venture of my friend (and tLatD Forum member) Keith Baggott. There a lots of webstores out there, but The Wargaming Portal is one you more
by messyart • | | 7 comments I.. uh.. Yea. Well, these.. Extremely detailed models might look pretty more
by General Biakal • | | 17 comments
WHATS THE MODEL? Rapier laser platform PRICE? a sort of ok £25 WHATS THE THINKING THEN? 4 GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS MODEL: 1. zzzzzzaaap! 2. looks very detailed 3. about time the Guard got some FW love 4. retro design looks like the old thudd gun 6 SHIT more
by Removed • | | 3 comments
Hey guys, Well as per the new Mantic email newsletter....we don't get Corporation models but finally a bit more of an expansion on the Forgefathers with the Mjolnir rocket launcher (thats Thor's hammer). Wonder what else will join the range. -Lumberjack
by hel tanner • | | 1 comment
Hi guys thought people would like seeing the newest renders from spartan, some pretty good stuff on the way it seems.
by keith baggott • | | 4 comments my new website check it out some great stuff on there
by General Biakal • | | 2 comments
this man just blew my fucking socks off... full site here click for genius
by Billiam Babble • | | 5 comments
Tabletop World (original link nabbed from )
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 22 comments
Since Aliens seems to be popular on here at the moment I thought I'd use this opportunity to show you some great products from Scotia Grendel You see Scotia Grendel make Kryomek a game that is heavily based on/inspired by the Aliens movies and is as close to an Aliens miniatures game as more
by messyart • | | 5 comments I.. Am not impressed. I'll wait for Mort to get back to deliver an interesting review of these things.. 'till then, make up your own minds
by jogar_t_hutt • | | 6 comments
ok guys i need some idears i'm reworking my step-son's eldar and he would like to add some waveserpents BUT we both agree that the GW 1 is just lazy so i've been looking for a replacement and thats where hit a wall i cant find anything that works any idears?
by messyart • | | 2 comments
I think this belongs here... They have a large range of interesting molds for sci-fi terrain [and more ranges, besides] (Mort will like this one;) I'll leave it at that. They have a few different ranges, and it's all lovely. more
by Billiam Babble • | | 0 comments
Not sure where to put this post because it's really about dungeon modelling/materials/ scenery Blog in French, nice photos of moulded dungeon walls etc.
by Removed • | | 11 comments
Hi Guys! Well seeing as I have my Predators and Super Black Predators (Copplestone Casting Hunters and Hersey Miniatures Hurn Headtakers) and plan on buying then converting a little Hersey's Troppers for Marines. I come to my topic minitures based on the H.R.Giger's 'Alien'! I know that more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 10 comments
These are not a new product, they have been around forever but I thought they were worth drawing some attention to because they are complete 5 man squad including a leader and a choice of heavy weapons for an excellent £2.55! the nearest thing GW do to this is a box of 3 basic Spacemarines for £ more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 8 comments
Here's a sneek peak at Mantic's up coming Orx Marauder Raptor Parts and Orx Marauder Troops Sprues ^Raptor Parts ^The Gunner has a nice Rogue Trader-ish look to him The Raptor is cast in Mantic's Plasic-Resin and the troops are of course Mantic's high quality plastics ^Orx more
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 3 comments
Good news everyone: Bitzbox has started to stock the Maxmini range of resin conversion parts along with several other ranges (Scribor and Secret Weapon). Nice to have these available from a UK retailer. I've used Bitzbox a fair number of times and really rate their service.
by lukekennedy100 • | | 1 comment
Which, in your personal opinions, is the most sleek, pleasurable to look upon; army, and why? I think 'the warriors of the last alliance' (Games Workshop) are an absolute, beautiful model. Curved swords and shiny armor add in to the mix of exquisite detail in these models. Definately caught my more
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