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by precinctomega • | | 8 comments
I've had sight of an email Steve sent to a friend on mine, saying that he's about to wind up Spyglass Miniatures as it's not been doing well financially. However, he also said that he was planning on starting a new venture to produce 54mm fantasy models... with the possibility of 54mm scifi more
by General Biakal • | | 3 comments now iv not bought anything so i dont know how good their delivery is but if the prices are real then goddamn!
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 4 comments
Donno how old this news will be to you lot but I came across some quite promissing pictures of new ork models. They're here . The plasic grots is what I'm most interested in but if the rumour of 10 with a hearder per box I'm not sure how many I'd get, especially if they're going to be at the more
by General Biakal • | | 13 comments
Forgeworld, a part of GW aimed at "grown up" gamers with big ideas and bigger pockets. You want unique minis? you got it, at a price. With the "dumbing down" of the majority of the 40k range (and dont try to tell me the black reach fisher-price "look mummy what i made& more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 8 comments
It's been pointed out that we haven't reviewed any Games Workshop miniatures here yet and the only time any of us mention GW is when we moan about the prices so just to prove the people who pointed that out wrong I'm going to review some GW miniatures or more specifically some Chaos Miniatures. more
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 4 comments
I remember a really good miniatures comparison site where you could click links and each miniature would open in its own little window. It had loads of sci-fi miniatures on it and I think it was on a blog site. Problem is that its disapeared into the depths of the internet. Any clues anyone?
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 0 comments
As you already know the increasingly high price of Indonesian tin is effecting the miniatures industry, but in the same month that GW decided the only way to make their profit margins back is to once again increase their already extortionate prices, across the world pond Reaper have come up more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 11 comments
It looks like Heresy Miniatures is again coming worryingly close to stepping on GW's blue suede IP shoes. What follows is this the concept art and WIP pictures of a range of miniatures called Vermissian Infestors. Infestors are a race of six limbed aliens that use other lifeforms in their more
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 3 comments
Found these hogmen today. Now I'm not normally a fan of pig-beastmen but these actually look pretty cool. These are available here
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 7 comments
I came across these guys randomly the other night and thought I draw you attention to them ... There White Metal Figures (at the time of writing the range is 3 ogres) are of questionable quality and quite high priced for what they are, they 'may contain lead' which leads me to believe these more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 1 comment
Heresy Miniatures come dangerously close to infringing GW's copyrights with Andy Foster's latest offering 'Blights' (Plague Demons) As usual with Heresy they are very nicely done and come with alternative parts for verity - in this case more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 4 comments
New miniatures company discovered Ok so they only have 2 miniatures in there line at the moment but what I've seen looked pretty good although they are a bit pricey (£4 for one Figure, £6 for the other). Having said that the miniatures are nothing special really (Reaper do similar more
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