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by Richie the Orc • | | 5 comments
Something that made me smile in the new White Dwarf: In the back of the new WD is a small piece about Dan Abnetts new book , based on his Eisenhorn/Ravenor characters. Now accompanying said article is a picture of one of the miniatures for Inquisitor, and I qutoe from the bit under the picture ' more
by jogar_t_hutt • | | 8 comments
ok i'm taking my lead from richie here ok ive just been looking at the new chaos models, dont get me wrong they are pretty BUT is it me or is there something not right is it me or is the stance too nobel? take this one, i like this BUT wouldnt this or this or even this work more
by Richie the Orc • | | 1 comment
Is it me but doesn't this look a bit like Boss Nass from Phantom Menance?
by greenstuff_gav • | | 4 comments
justa heads up; Frothres are back with a new Charity Figure (donate to a charity, get a figure!) Judge Minty (mentioned in a 2000AD, made into a Fan Film released next week!) i've more
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