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by chaos-warrior • | | 2 comments
hi for extra furniture ,i use castle molds ,you can make a lots of it once you have the mold :) (mold nr 85) on the picture of the mold you can see a "descent game " skeleton but the scale is ok for warhammer more
by Quests-of-legend • | | 1 comment
I know a lot of us have had our wallets seriously dented by the Reaper Kickstarter. However OtherWorld minis are so nice, and their adventurers look very tasty Here's/the link. Cheers
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 15 comments
At a price of 21p each or an incredible £7.70 for a bag of 50, EM4's Fantasy Plastics are the lowest priced miniatures you are ever likely to come across. The range currently consists of 6 different miniatures 3 Orcs and 3 Dwarfs, plus a bunch of rather small shields. Personally I'd like to a more
by 3D6 • | | 2 comments
Not sure if anyone is in any kind of need for "cheap" (and when I say cheap, I mean inexpensive) Dragons for a game of D&D, Pathfinders and the such...but I just picked up three of these from my local Dollar Tree: Click Here I found them to be pretty close to scale for a Young more
by Metropolis • | | 3 comments
New to me, but may be of interest to others
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