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by General Biakal • | | 2 comments
this man just blew my fucking socks off... full site here click for genius
by Billiam Babble • | | 5 comments
Tabletop World (original link nabbed from )
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 22 comments
Since Aliens seems to be popular on here at the moment I thought I'd use this opportunity to show you some great products from Scotia Grendel You see Scotia Grendel make Kryomek a game that is heavily based on/inspired by the Aliens movies and is as close to an Aliens miniatures game as more
by messyart • | | 5 comments I.. Am not impressed. I'll wait for Mort to get back to deliver an interesting review of these things.. 'till then, make up your own minds
by jogar_t_hutt • | | 6 comments
ok guys i need some idears i'm reworking my step-son's eldar and he would like to add some waveserpents BUT we both agree that the GW 1 is just lazy so i've been looking for a replacement and thats where hit a wall i cant find anything that works any idears?
by messyart • | | 2 comments
I think this belongs here... They have a large range of interesting molds for sci-fi terrain [and more ranges, besides] (Mort will like this one;) I'll leave it at that. They have a few different ranges, and it's all lovely. more
by Billiam Babble • | | 0 comments
Not sure where to put this post because it's really about dungeon modelling/materials/ scenery Blog in French, nice photos of moulded dungeon walls etc.
by Removed • | | 11 comments
Hi Guys! Well seeing as I have my Predators and Super Black Predators (Copplestone Casting Hunters and Hersey Miniatures Hurn Headtakers) and plan on buying then converting a little Hersey's Troppers for Marines. I come to my topic minitures based on the H.R.Giger's 'Alien'! I know that more
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