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by jogar_t_hutt • | | 0 comments
if you dont know them they are makers of resin bunkers, armoured walls, genarators etc quite simple some of the best resin ive seen (even better some others) & for the price youl find hard to beat
by messyart • | | 4 comments
I like to be short and sweet, and like to totally screw up the concept. So, I want to make an off-road 'ting for my IG, as rough riders. Now.. I've been pondering the idea of making something nice and poseable and trying to re-produce it.. Which brings me to as terrible issue. I suck more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 9 comments
my reactions were as follows the first upon hearing that the Greenskins had a new unit called an Arachnarok the second upon hearing how big it was (it's about the size of the new Screaming Bell) the third upon seeing a picture of it and the forth upon seeing the price Well I suppose more
by General Biakal • | | 2 comments
we dont really have a dedicated rumour section here on LatD but Im sure many of your have heard the buzz regarding the fliers and aircraft either with us or enroute to your 40k battlefield. you can poo-poo all you want but the fact remains there already HAVE been some mind blowing flier more
by General Biakal • | | 7 comments
so, i saw this online today and it crossed my mind that there could be some IP theft going on... id be keen to see sizes as they might make interesting proxies!
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