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by General Biakal • | | 2 comments
she wants me. Im gonna be careful cos im in unfamiliar territory... you "med evil" (sic) geeks are very different to us "spacey" geeks, and im tredding on your patch. Because I want to comment on the new boxed set. I have read the fluff in WD and to be honest, im more
by General Biakal • | | 3 comments
WHATS THE MODEL? Black Pyramid products: Tea wars range PRICE? varies but averages out about £1.50 a model WHATS THE THINKING THEN? well, i met these guys at a show last year and all I can say is, what a great pair of blokes. their whole model at the time seemed to be to more
by General Biakal • | | 4 comments
gentlemen, enjoy.
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 1 comment
Discovered this a couple of days ago and thought I'd post it. Basicly its a set of pre-printed artwork with clips to hold it together, looks pretty snazzy though. Buildings of Malifaux WYRTC102 - 3D Buildings of Malifaux - $49 Buildings of Malifaux is capable of creating a playing area more
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 7 comments
Just as I've resigned to not buying GW stuff anymore they release some ok looking High Elves and skaven in one box.....shit. The new box set ^quite nice skaven warlord. ^skaven engineer looks a bit plain but passable. His gun looks like a star wars blaster to me for some reason, more
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