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by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 1 comment
As it says on their Google entry “Games Workshop make the best model soldiers in the world”. This may have been true in the past, but the standard of Citadel Miniatures has dropped considerably over the last 5 years or so. Here’s the new Plastic Minotaurs, which I think we can safely say are more
by MortiS-the-Lost • | | 3 comments
I discovered these guys a year or so back… I can’t think of a good way to start this post … but I don’t need to, the image above should have sucked you in already. If you’re anything like me you will recognise it immediately! … and if you don’t recognise it you needs to learn some history more
by BobbieTheDamned • | | 5 comments
Yes some more pretty miniatures! Link here Some oddities from this company too: Trogs: Nasty Bigbird: Tenticle dude:
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