Medium-sized Slime

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Here's something I did recently – it's not very impressive and I can't even take full credit for it!
It's a Slime/Ooze/Sludge/Amoeba  made from dried split-peas stuck onto a 40mm textured plasticard covered base and surrounded by green stuff. The reason for the joint credit on the 'sculpting' is that I used the left over greenstuff from another project to surround the split-pea bubbles, it was starting to set hard and I had to take an important phone call, so Messy took over pushing the greenstuff into shape. Another pointless story about this miniature is that the split peas are from the Netherlands, I was given half a bag of them by Krippie and Screaming-Mad-George – split-peas can also be used to make the tops of mushrooms and toadstools.

Fuck! That just about the most boring thing I've ever written!

The colour scheme is pretty uninteresting too, I can't remember which greens I used on the slime, but they got a wash of Waaargh Green and I used 'Ard Coat Gloss Varnish to achieve the wet effect.

Ok the reason I thought this was worth posting is that OtherWorld Miniatures (and a few other companies) actually sell miniatures of Slimes, Oozes, Jellies and so on – but they are so stupidly easy to make yourself for next-to-nothing (Spare base + left over Green Stuff + Split-peas) that I don't know why anyone would buy them

^ This set of 4 miniatures from OtherWorld is £11. Don't get me wrong I love OtherWorld's other miniatures, but I really don't see the point in these

The bonus picture this time is a Ral Partha Wizard on a display base I painted a few years ago which features a mushroom made from a split-pea …

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Suitably.. Gooey.
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