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You are on the brink of a fight to the death with a Man-Scorpion!

This miniature is a 'Shock Lord - Scorpionman' from Ral Partha Europe which was given to me one Christmas by my friend Paul. I didn't really have much use for a  Man-Scorpion until recently when I decide to run an adaptation of the adventure 'The Sunstone' from the DragonStrike game - the same adventure that the Dragon Strike video was based on (I was feeling brave that night). The adventure of course called for a Man-Scorpion and I didn't want to use the terrible plastic one from the DragonStrike box, so I delved into my boxes of unassembled miniatures and pulled out the baggy containing the pieces of the Ral Partha Scorpionman and began work.

Let me tell you that this miniature was a bit of pain to work on - none of the parts fitted particularly well and it was fairly awkward to paint too - because of the legs and claws sticking out, plus the fact I had to paint it before I based it due to the shape of it - which meant there was no obvious or easy way to hold the miniature.
The only bit of conversion work I did was to replace the creature's rather odd looking lance/sword thing with a sword from a HeroQuest Goblin - apart from that most of the work was just filing parts to fit and filling gaps with green-stuff or the baking powder-trick.

Painting was fairly strait forward, after a black undercoat I built up the main colour of the model using Citadel Scorched Brown, Citadel Terracotta and various P3 reds. Citadel Vomit brown  highlighted with Citadel Kommando Khaki was used to pick out the claw tips, the stinger barb and some of the more prominent spikes as well as the trisk-like symbol on the shield. I used P3 Molten Bronze and Citadel Badab Black wash on the armour and sword and I picked out the chainmail parts with Army Painter Gun-Metal.

I used a spare piece of flying-base stem to attach the model securely to a 40mm Warmachine style base which I'd detailed using a piece of textured Plastic and some fine sand. The base was of course painted before attaching the miniature.

Since I still seem to be doing bonus pictures at the end of each post, here's a picture of the plastic Man-Scorpion from DragonStrike ...