MY AHQ game and ideas

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MY AHQ game and ideas

I have been photo coping all my advanced heroquest rules and moving them around into the right spots and as I wa doing so I was looking thru my warhammer rpg books and came a cross some ideas.  Has anyone else thought about putting choas rewards from the Reals of Sorcery book pgs 250-252.  There really Manifestations.  I figure I might use these in certain adventures if the players do some odd thing or an odd thing comes up.  Totally pending on the moment.  I am sure on some of the rolls I can mod them to fit the AHQ dice system.  

  I've so far built

The players binder
How to create a character
How to play
Magic plus a WRPG background on the Winds
Henchmen section
Between games section

GM Binder

Campaign BInder
Every adventure made by GW
WIll add my own and add downloaded ones.

All monsters cards are cut out and put in hardplastics for easy reading
Also started to paste and copy all roll charts on one masive GM sheet.

Casting Hirst molds next week to get the dungeon built and started buying up dungeon decor on ebay.

So far so good on the 2010 project.  Will send pix soon.  Don
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Re: MY AHQ game and ideas

cool, looking forward to seeing pics.

any plans to make your adventure module a PDF?    
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Re: MY AHQ game and ideas

Billiam Babble
In reply to this post by THEFAN
This is sounding seriously dedicated.  Your upgrades will make your Advanced Hero Quest set immortal!  

Good luck with the Hirst casting.  I'm a sucker for any photos of proper 3D scenery. :)