LotR scale comparisons

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precinctomega wrote
LOTR are "true" 28mm.  I've used a few of them alongside regular WFB and40k models to good effect - the tech-priest above is a good example, but I also used Radoghast as a WFB wizard.

They should work just fine with existing terrain.

I do already use a few LotR 'monsters' (Mirkwood spiders, few Trolls and a Balrog) along side my 28/30mm figures (I also have Gulavhar: The Terror of Arnorwhich I plan to use as a Varghulf) but these kind of miniatures are pretty easy to switch between scales.

But so far as human and demi-human model's go although a few of the character models look ok along side Warhammer and 40k miniatures, IMHO LotR minis are for the most part a lot closer to 25mm than they are to Warhammer's 28/30mm.

Here's a few of the figures from my LotR boxed game along side their Warhammer Equivalents

^ LotR High Elf & Warhammer High Elf 

^ Man of Gondor and Mordheim Mercenary

^ Moria Goblin and Night Goblin

admittedly comparing the Moria Goblin to a Night Goblin is a little unfair but not as unfair as comparing an Uruk Hai to a Black Orc would be

BTW did anyone else think that including the Last Alliance and Moria Goblins together in the original boxed game kinda strange since to my knowledge those forces never met on the battlefield?