Lesser Earth Elemental

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Here's a model which Madame M got me 1 or 2 Christmases back and I only recently finished painting. The miniature is a 'Lesser Earth Elemental' from Reaper and I feel this sentence needs to be longer, so I've added this bit.
Separate arms with poseable ball joins at the shoulders and waist, plus a choice of 2 slightly different heads means you have a fair number of options when it comes to assembly, but it also meant a bit of heavy pinning and liberal use of the baking powder trick was required at the joints which are rather thin compared to the heavy body parts they support. I mounted the creature on a 40mm 'Warmachine base' and used a few chunks of textured plastic and some greenstuff to detail the base, intimating the texture of the model itself and added further texture by supergluing some sand here and there.
Painting began in much the same way as my Earth Elemental from Ral Partha Europe I'd painted a few years before, but once I'd finished the grey rocks and brown earth I found myself feeling it lacked something - while the RPE Earth Elemental had some vines and moss mixed into it's body which broke up the grey and brown, this model didn't.
It was clear it needed some extra colour to make the model more interesting, but I was stumped as to how I could get it onto the model - eventually it came to me however.
Inspired by the 'Earth Trolls' from Fable 2 I painted a few of the more regular shaped smaller stones to appear as if they were glowing yellow with magical energy.

 ^ An 'Earth Troll' from Fable 2 with it's glowing, what I call 'fuck-me spots' (supposedly “exposed nerve tendrils”), which the Hero needs to shoot at in order to damage the creature 

The eye and the crack in the head got the same treatment also, giving the impression that the magic animating the Elemental comes from the head - which seems to be a stone that's been ritually carved into the shape of a stylised skull, perhaps part of the spell that brought the creature into being. After painting I also added a little more colour again by gluing some clumps of static grass to the model's and it's base - which I feel brought together the effect that the creature is a piece of ragged moorland animated by magic.

This turned out to be a very interesting and thought-inspiring model, with a strong computer game like feel to it. I've got the other head that came on the sprue sitting around in one of my spares boxes and it's got me thinking about getting together some gravel and milliputt and sculpting my own version of the model so I can have 2 of them or maybe one the next size down.

You can't have bonus pictures this time - go and play Fable 2 instead  


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Re: Lesser Earth Elemental

Very nicely done dude, the OSL glow is looking very tasty. I think the idea of it being a magical golem type is pretty spot on. Think you got just the right amount of static flock too.
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Re: Lesser Earth Elemental

RobertTheDamned wrote
Think you got just the right amount of static flock too.
yea, I think static flock gets over-used some times, personally ...
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