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Lego Games: Heroica

Billiam Babble

Way too excited to type in proper sentences.

( JMcL63 of "Roll Dice and Kick Ass" blog posted a link on Facebook, citing Wargamers Notebook blog post )

Lego Games have finally seen reason and made a fantasy dungeon game with expansion packs It's so very wrong and so very right. Look it even has dice and ickle character sheets! (on right)

Lego Games: Heroica: Castle Fortaan. Somebody tell Billiam that it's not Warhammer Quest
-he is blinded by the Lego.
  It has to be better than Minotaurus and Shave a Sheep.

The links on the Lego site are saying it's not available yet in the UK (WTF!), but there's some pre-order links on Amazon (Kisses Screen)
This reminds me a lot of various dungeon game experiments which have been around on the net for years, leaving us all to go scrabbling for grey flats, swords, axes and Gamorrean guards  (citing the mighty BRICKQUEST!) - Lego dungeons are worse than LARPing for compromise and improvisation, but it has to be one of the ultimate merging of pleasures!

Castle Fortaan on the Lego site.
Heroica Lego dungeon game! on Amazon UK.

*resists eating small Lego pieces*
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Re: Lego Games: Heroica

I might be able to find a use for my massive grey baseboard!

Or any of my many smaller green and beige ones..

And my awesome legofigure collection.. >.>

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