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Legend (RQ-style RPG for $1)

Billiam Babble
Hot and cheap!  That's how I like my ... no, wait, stop that.

The current hottest item and Electrum Best Seller on DriveThru ...

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In a nutshell:
Runequest style mechanics with lush black and white illustration.

I'm loving what I'm seeing so far, but this quick flip through reveals  that the Games Mastery section seems a little light - a handful of pages at the back tagged onto what feels like a player's guide; no bestiary, or NPCs, no sample quests, but in using RQII (Mongoose) system, the range of source material out there is quite substantial. One explanation is that since Legend is very "human" centric - the adversaries can be generated using the main rules - but what lovely rules!

The character backgrounds have just enough general facts to provide history back-story and motivation, which an inventive GM will merge with the gameworld. The format is novice-friendly with examples of character a called "Alaric" throughout.

I drool over tables like this
- who needs magic or skills
when the weapon tables
look like this? :)

I'm drawn to the familiar here, but I realise that a more thorough read may reveal subtle nuances specific to this game.  But that'll take too long and I want to share the news of this game, now!

Laws of Franchise dictate that more Legend books will follow in this rebranding of Mongoose's take on RuneQuest.

For the moment it is a mere one dollar.  Clearly Mongoose Publishing is trying to get us hooked!

Alaric - the sample character
Alaric's sheet (cont.)

Edit: Looking for monsters for Legend? Check out Monsters of Legend (on DTRPG)