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Hi Troops, where shall I start. My name is Mark or 'Eddie the beagle' to my army mates. ( as an ex tank soldier i am barking mad just like Oswald in Kelly's hero's )  As you can see from my 1st article on my Tank conversions, i still have a love for armoured vehicles.

The armies I collect in 40k, so far are Imperial guard. ( + armoured squadron,  Gatachans jungle fighters ) Space marines, ( 3rd company ultra marines ) Necrons, Orks, Lost and the damned mutant army. All these are still getting bigger.

Still to be built are Inquisitor demon hunters,  Tyranids, Chaos Alpha Legion.

I play a lot of Mordheim as human mercenary gang, i am about to build a Dwarf  Warband. I have had a fair few skirmishes with Mortis.

I have a Warhammer Orc army, although I've not had many battles with these yet.

I also play Epic and BFG and I've just started to convert a Vengeance Cruiser into an Exorcist cruiser.

I have been Wargaming for around 14 years starting with squad leader.

Well with so much to do I'd better start, goodbye for now

- Mark
-- Mark RG (Game on)