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Billiam Babble
Some naughty rapscallion has been scanning in old copies of INFERNO magazine on Scribd

Lots of short story material for inspirational background info set in the WH40K universe (plus some fantasy warhammer as well)


Incidentally... I once decided I'd write something for Inferno, but after the Inquisitor game came out none of the ideas in my story treatment seemed particularly innovative.  

It started with a battle over an Imperial relic on an outpost world.  A young chaos cultist - elevated to Marine status  -  carrying within him (unbeknownst to him) the soul essence of an original heretical general , friend to a still alive leader, hence the unlikely promotion (narrative cuts back and forth with bitter heresy prose, the cruel sanctuary of the Eye of Terror, Death to the False Emperor etc) - who is caught/entrapped by a female inquisitor.  The protagonist has flashbacks to the primitive world he came from ("running through the fungal hardwoods"), before being spared/enlisted in a chaos invasion +gory trials +fleshy-dimension gates - and also a duel on a surreal Demon World.  The "big reveal" is when the inquisitor character is torturing the protagonist and is then suddenly faced with a much greater menace entombed in the younger warrior, and is seriously out of her depth (massive release of chaos energy, maybe the protagonist escapes minus an arm or something).  

I only had snippets written and the whole thing would have got a bit too cumbersome to write then edit down (the submissions were ridiculously small), not to mention that at the time Inferno/Black Library were very touchy about scenes set during the Heresy (perhaps cordoned off by authors like Dan Abbett for the novels).  I think I was going through an unemployed/depressed period as well, which made finishing projects difficult.  I think that there was a whole Slaanesh theme running through - everything was a visceral and luxuriant celebration of pleasure/pain experience.  All a bit Hellraiser/S&M - perhaps not suitable for the kids.

On well.  It was interesting trying to write within the constraints of the GW universe.  I don't think Inferno would have paid much, even if they'd okayed it.  Heh.  It beats writing for Bella (looked into that as well) ;)