IG COMMENT: the best codex for modellers?

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IG COMMENT: the best codex for modellers?

General Biakal
I like sticking things together... its my favourite part of the hobby. painting? forget that shit, it makes me itch. the main reason i got into the hobby was i had this URGE now and again to MAKE SOMETHING. to be creative in a concrete, hold in your hands fashion. so i spent months just popping onto the GW website, wishlisting. (at the time i had a 500 mile a week commute and a saab 2.0 turbo (185bhp) so i was spending £70 a week on petrol- not much left over for toy soldiers) so all i could do was dream.

that retro haze brings us to the current IG codex, now as near as makes no difference 1 year old. Iv now got as many Turbines as i have tracks and the new Hellhound and Demolisher tanks (who were fully past their use by date) are nice enough- a little bit paint by numbers but good enough. the Valkyrie is a decent model to stick together and can be quite a challenge. but right now, for the modeler, the characters are where its at.

The reason? well... IG is at least Three if not five or 8 different armies. Cadian, Catachan, Krieg, Volstron (or whatever they are- GW seem amazed by these guys and are everywhere but i think they look stupid) Elysian, Mordians, god-knows who else. so you can never really have 10 different characters cast in lead holding a heavy bolter all 'roided up... one a catachan, one a mordian, one a cadian etc. Truth be told if IG sold as well as Marines each IG regiment would have its own codex, with its own characters. so until then you would look lame with a "Lawrence of arabia" style guy leading a catachan platoon just so it could outflank... so you have to proxy.

Harker, Bastonne, Straken, Al'Rahem, Chenkov all make desirable counts as (Chenkov not so much- his rules seem to have been made up by the office benny) so you are sort of left to your own devices. and I like that. it also eliminates the slight height and scale mix ups you get with metal to plastic in the same squad.

all you need is a fair amount of bits, glue and imagination. there are plenty of bits in the new command sprues to do just about anyone and other vehicle bitz can help too. dont be afraid to mix other armies in too- WHFB Empire, marines, CSM... basically any "human" army will provide bits and pieces.

go get it done!

"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch