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IG COMMENT: The "V" force...

General Biakal

Well, Codex:IG is settled down now into what seems to be a very stable book. lots of nice troops choices, lots of nice Fast Attack choices.

Fast Attack? Imperial Guard? surely the Heavy Support slot is where the Dakka is comming from?

well, no. I find the current HS section a bit lame... take out the Leman Russ Demolisher Varients and the only thing i fancy is the Hydra... cheap on points and in my army re-named "Eldar Fucker"

No, all the cool kids hang out in the FA slot. Now, I'm not going to lie to you, I think Armoured Sentinels are in the wrong slot. I think they should be a troops choice. but that is a whole other bag of crazy monkeys. and how crazy is the new Hellhound? 15pts for a multimelta? thanks! 130pts to wound Spacemarines on a 2+ with no armour save? erm... yes please! but is it the best choice?

The smart money is on the Valkyrie family... the Valkyrie, Vendetta and Vulture. Why? Well... GW spent a fortune creating a really great model (and by fucking Xenu it is...) and wanted everyone to buy lots. so what did they do?

undercosted it like a motherfucker.

for 150pts you get a fast, troop carrying tripple Twin-Linked las-cannon fuckazilla with bells on. or for the same price a rocketpod dickslapping angel of dakka. or loose the troop transport and just have a magic thing that pours all kinds of brass down on anyone. 20 twin linked S5 shots would make most Marine players sweat. 4x rocketpods on most things will cause problems... against other IG they could well be gamewinner status.

but three twin linked las cannons can fuck up any armies day. be you carnifex, predator, dreadnaught (fucking dread this big boy) or chimera or even wave serpent. it doesnt matter. pack up your shit, your off the field.

twin linked means little to BS4 armies. to Guard it rocks. having three of them is spunkariffic. and with that huge range you can just sit back and snipe.

what you really need to realise is... V planes are IG drop pods. only once that  nasty business of ferrying people round the battlefield they can turn their attention to hosing down the bad guys. something they are very good at.

why? well first off hey have good armour- 12/12/10. so even without a 'fast' cover save they are pretty hardy. But with rear 10 in CC they are vulnerable... right? try hitting them on sixes chump.
 but the weapons are the clever bit. they SYNERGISE with the vehicle (clever huh?). rocket pods are S4... amazingly the very strength they need to be to be fired while moving 12"!!!. and you can still fire your multilaser. and the Vulture? my god thats clever. take the punisher cannon. you get ONE TL punisher... it counts as one weapon. so you can fire 20 TL shots at 12" speed. and at BS3 the TL makes a huge difference. and as for AP... well it dosent need it. if your saying to your SM opponet... "now make 12 saves fuckface" you can bet your doing something right- and he is about to be sad. and if you fire a huge salvo of rocketpods at gaunts you can bet most of the are going back in the box... and conscript squads? what conscript squad? oh you mean the commisar and two guardsmen looking dazed all there on their own? but wern't there thirty of them earlier?

i leave you with a warning.

next codex beware... Valks are gonna be expensive.

"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch
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I agree with sentitals should be a troops choice, as i have considered a sentinal army before now.

Game on.
-- Mark RG (Game on)