Hydra Serpent

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As part of my recent endeavour to show you guys some more of my painted miniatures here's some pictures I took a little while back of my Hydra Serpent. These pictures have been sitting round for a while now, but I remember this being a pain to get decent pictures of due to all it's heads so it would be a waste not to show you the ones that came out ok.

Believe it or not, this started out life as a MageKnight figure which I found at the bottom of the bargain bin at a stall that sold 2nd hand gaming stuff many years back (probably 2004 or 2005) at an indoor market in Cornwall , I think I must have paid less than 50p for it. Though the indoor market, the stall and bargain bin have all now been demolished, it is comforting to reflect that they are, in some small way, commemorated by the fact that 6 years on I'm rambling about them on an obscure website.

Hmm less than 2 paragraphs in and I'm already off-subject, lets try and get back to the miniature

A lot of the MageKnight range are terrible figures, but there are a few gems in the rough, this is one such model and I immediately saw it's potential. So not long after getting the model home I used a Razor-saw to carefully remove it from it's horrid 'combat dial'  base and re-mounted it on a 25mm square base with a bit of textured plasticard for detail. I then went about repainting the figure in a blue-grey colour scheme which I think was inspired by the Hydra in Ray Harryhausen's classic 'Jason and the Argonauts' Yellows were used for the eyes for contrast, the teeth were picked out in bone colours and tongues painted red because that's what I normally do for tongues and teeth.
I'm aware I used a nearly identical colour scheme on a snake-like chaos mutant that I painted around the same time, which I attributed to being inspired by Medusa in Clash of the Titans - I'm starting to worry about Ray Harryhausen's influence over my choice of colours, well at least on serpent type creatures.

Truth be told I'm rather fond of this miniature and it's seen quite a bit of service over the years, I've used it in Warhammer with the rules for a Snake Swarm base, it joined my Undead Warband in   Mordheim as a bound monster (the warband was called 'The Children of the Hydra's Teeth' and was Jason and the Argonauts themed) and it also makes for an interesting monster to encounter in dungeons when running Quest or D&D.

Our bonus picture this time is a not-too-brilliant picture of the Skeletons from my 'Jason and the Argonauts' themed Mordheim Warband. I got the Greek-style shields from the same place I found the Hydra Serpent and I have no idea who made them – they are lead and are in fact a little bit too heavy for plastic skeletons to be carrying, so these guys tend to fall over quite a bit

In case you're wondering how I fielded them in Mordheim, you can find rules for using Skeleton Warriors (and a few other undead creatures) in Mordheim Here


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Great painting on the serpent buddy M
-- Mark RG (Game on)
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That made me think of a rude pickup line....

"Hey, baby! Wanna see my hydra serpent?"

Great mini by the way.