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HeroQuest Giveaway!!


Hey guys! I am the creator and web master for the HeroQuest Expansion Pages. http://www.freewebs.com/heroquestelf/

My site is celebrating it's 20th Birthday--which is this year on April 4th--and to mark the occasion, I am giving away a custom-made HeroQuest Dice bag!

In order to win the bag, I am asking for custom submissions to the web site, and just about any submission will do. This includes Weapons, Spells, Heroes, Monsters. All submissions will be accepted, provided the item submitted fits within the expanded rule set I already have published on the page. (Any submissions that are rejected will receive an email from me explaining why the submission was rejected, and I will TRY to offer suggestions on how to edit the submission to make it fit.) The best submissions will be published on the page (and I ALWAYS give credit to people when I publish stuff--you can check the footnotes at the bottom of pages if you doubt that), and the BEST submission gets the Dice Bag.

The giveaway will be held on the Web Site's birthday, which, again, is April 4th, so that's in about three months. I will announce the winner on the Web site, and I get to be the judge. (Funny how that works, ain't it?)

Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm April 2nd Eastern Standard Time, and submissions should be sent to pkbro@att.net.

The link for the contest can be found on the front page of my web site!

Good luck, and happy questing!