Heresy do Plaguebearers!

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
Heresy Miniatures come dangerously close to infringing GW's copyrights with Andy Foster's latest offering 'Blights' (Plague Demons)

As usual with Heresy they are very nicely done and come with alternative parts for verity - in this case different heads with a ball and socket joint allowing you to pose them some what.
The different heads include: Cyclops type heads (one horn one eye, your normal plaguebearer head), Headless heads (Kinda like when they cut the top off Ed's head in the deleted scene from Evil Dead 2) and a third as-yet-unsculpted-at-the-time-of-writing head type.
The 'Blights' look like they would fit in well with GW's Plaguebearers although they might be a little taller. If -like me- you're a big fan of Nurgle type things I suggest you panic buy these before Games Workshop asks Heresy to withdraw them from sale.

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Re: Heresy do Plaguebearers!

Vastly superior to GW's offering.  But then Heresy can afford to sculpt nearer the knuckle than GW.  One of the blight daemons has the most appalling case of piles.  Seeing some of the guys at the Forum of Doom paint them with Tamiya Clear Red brings tears to my eyes.