Haniver Beast

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
This is another 'Monster in my Pocket' toy that I have based and repainted for use as a miniature (thanks to Messy for getting hold of these!)

It came out rather well, but not as well as I've have liked - the colour scheme is very close to the original (but then again I couldn't really think of any other colours to paint it that wouldn't end up looking rather odd) and I kinda screwed up basing it, so it sits unevenly on the base.

In my games it will be used as an amphibious monster that lurks under water waiting to leap on and devour passing Heroes, currently Messy and Mark RG have one each of these too (making a total of 3) so should we all get together for a game it's likely they will be seen hunting in packs

The creature retains the name 'Haniver' from the actual name of the toy - which in turn is named after a kind of taxidermy'd curiosity called a 'Jenny Haniver' (to which the toy bares little resemblance). In case your interested; Jenny Haniver's are made from the dried out bodies of ray fish that have been cut and carved to look some what like devils, mermaids, dragons and so on.