Goblin Time

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As you might have noticed from my previous skaven pics, I have started colour coding my minis to make it easier to keep track of them and keep them apart on the table.

Goblin boss from the Skull Pass boxed set. 

Like the other two, he leads a band of gobbos in matching outfits. The scimitar had broken off so I glued on a straight blade from my Mordheim bitz box.

Another goblin boss from Skull Pass. 

This one in read, earmarked to lead a unit of equally red-clad goblin spearmen.

The archer goblin boss from Skull Pass.

Grey robes, just like his underlings.

Ghost Shroud Goblin Shaman
Ghost Shroud

The goblin shaman from Skull Pass.
He will serve as a goblin necromancer by the name of Ghost Shroud in a coming RPG-campaign.


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Re: Ghost Shroud Goblin Shaman

Nice collection of Gobbo's, and I like the idea of "colour coding" 'em
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Re: Goblin Time

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If you're wondering what's happened I've consolidated all your recent goblin pictures into 1 post

Great work there as always

Colour coding is an interesting idea, I'm not sure if it's one I'd make use of myself though - in fact I think I'm in a way doing the opposite with my miniatures ...

I'm constantly looking for way to make each of my miniatures unique in some way so that me and my players can tell them apart, this takes 2 forms really converting them to look slightly different and painting the clothes different colours.

Often heard around my table are conversations along the lines of ….

Player: “I shoot the Goblin”  
Me: “Which one?”
Player: “The one with the Red Hood and a Bow”

So for the sake of this sort of thing I tend to paint miniatures so that there's for instance; 1 Goblin with a bow in Red, another Goblin with a bow in Blue, yet another Goblin with a bow might have a red hood and a blue jerkin and another one vice versa. For the same reason I also put different shaped shields or different shield bosses on miniatures that … well … have shields.

This sort of thing works nicely with Orcs, Goblins and Skeletons but I recently ran into trouble with it when it came to painting my Town Guard models because they needed to look uniform
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Re: Goblin Time

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Goblin individuals (heroes, champions etc) tend to get more personalized clothes.
The faceless mooks are only colour coded by squad, so to speak.