Giant Earth Elemental

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Behold, my most recently completed miniature - This hulking figure is a ‘Large Earth Elemental’ from Reaper’s awesome range of Bones plastics.

This is a great miniature with some really nice touches, like the jutting crystals and the ‘fossil’ on the shoulder. The only thing I really didn’t like was the length of the neck, which made the head look strange, so I cut most of the neck away and repositioned the head closer to the body. The chunk I cut away from the neck became one of the rocks on the base.
I struggled for a while deciding what detail I could add the base and then happened upon a pick-axe from a Citadel Plastic Dwarf Miners kit, I like the idea that a Dwarf miner was hacking away at a rock face only to discover it was in fact this beast and dropped his pick-axe as he fled. The rest of the base was detailed with GreenStuff and model railway ballast in an effort to match the elemental itself.

I painted it in much the same way as my other earth elementals (This One & This One)  the only major differences in the colour scheme being the glowing purple crystals and the bones of the ‘fossil’ on it’s shoulder.  

It’s probably of no interest that I painted the left arm separately and glued it in place after painting to allow me better access to the rest of the body and the base.

The glowing purple amethyst-like crystals were painted Citadel Lich Purple, dry-brushed Citadel Worm Purple and then further highlighted with progressively lighter mixtures of Worm Purple and P3 Morrow White. The glowing effect was achieved by lightly dry-brushing the highlights onto the surrounding area and the crystals were given 2 coats of Citadel Gloss Varnish to finish them off. The fossil was painting in the usual way I paint bone and I feel no need to repeat myself here.

 ^ One thing I really want to get across is the sheer size of this miniature; it towers above my other Elementals , let alone the average model on foot. And it only cost £5.52! 

If you're a Reaper fan who lives in the UK, I suggest you check out: Miniature Heroes 

 ^ It’s the bonus picture, as you can see I took the photos in an infinite off-white void

This will of course be used as a boss monster and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action in a game


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Re: Giant Earth Elemental

Nice model great paint job. M
-- Mark RG (Game on)
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Re: Giant Earth Elemental

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Here comes trouble.
Actually, earth elementals are my favourites because they're no-nonsense brute force to drop on my players.