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Dungeon Adventures in the Warhammer World

133 907
by MortiS-the-Lost

Space Crusade, Advanced Space Crusade and all editions of SpaceHulk
137 841
by Valnar Nightrunner

D&D, AD&D and D20 games
45 249
by tickclicker

A Grim World Of Perilous Adventure
38 194
by Captin Kabeered

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only WAR!
121 574
by bujinkan

The Game of Fantasy Football (and other games of Fantasy Football)
13 38
by Captin Kabeered

Mantic Games's mass fantasy battle system
7 46
by Quicky

Mantic’s  Sci-fi Sports set in the Warpath universe.
5 15
by Removed

Mantic’s WARPATH - a new sci-fi mass-battle miniatures wargame
7 51
by Removed

Where Steam-Power and Gunpowder Meet Swords and Sorcery.
3 25
by Billiam Babble

Warfare In Middle Earth!
7 39
by Captain Hobokus

Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf and other similar game book series
"Adventure Game Books in which YOU become the Hero"
24 110
by MortiS-the-Lost

The Magical Quest Game
9 45
by Billiam Babble

Dark Future, Car Wars, Battlecars and other post-apocalypse vehicle based games
5 26
by Billiam Babble

A Victorian sci-fi world with a distinctly Steampunk feel to it
1 3
by MortiS-the-Lost

Games set in the 'real' world
8 24
by Richie the Orc

Call of Cthulu, Vampire and other Horror/Occult games
11 30
by Billiam Babble

Games based around fighting hoards of undead creatures
22 346
by gugazombie

Other Sci-Fi RPGs and Wargames
43 249
by Evilgoat

Other Fantasy RPG's and Wargames
43 232
by Marchomer

Misc RPGs and Wargames
13 40
by Steve McQueen