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General Biakal
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Brace yourselves. take a deep breath. the downloads page on the FW website is back. And the other day i downloaded this fucker.

first off, its a free, legal download. which is amazing. Krieg in 5th edition.

second is even more amazing.... its about as close as any sane human being would want to get to a close combat guard list. and i dont just mean the jump up to WS4 for most dudes in the list. i mean rules like "IRON DISCIPLINE" and "DIE HARDS" making Krieg troops much more handy in a fight.

they really do now have the option of wading in to the brutal stuff and expecting to be there by the end of turn. and even if they do run away chances are they will re-form (like Take That only much more kick ass).

but what iv found interesting is not what is in there but what has been left out...

and i sort of get why things that have been left out have been... well, left out.

In a world of Space Marine books where so called "Drawbacks" are actually GW code for "ultimo fucking awesome" and  Blue Marines are just as easy to use as Red marines and the so called differences are actually not cos everything is available in the codex if you tweak hard enough a bit of compromise sort of refreshes me. like, "No you mad fucker, its a KRIEG army... aint no Ratlings on Krieg boy..." makes sense. i just wish someone in the Blood Angels meeting said "wait a minute, of course you cant deep strike a Landraider you moron! its a bad idea because ITS SO FUCKING OBVIOUSLY A BAD IDEA! knob!" or word to that effect

so, you dont get Veteran squads. you dont get Abhumans. but why would you? that i get. the veterans are not formed into squads, they are repple-deppled out to other units as replacements.

Dont really like what they have done with command squads (and Elysians seem to have had this too) but thats more likely cos i prefer shooty-ultimo-melta zzzzap HQ teams. ONE melta? or plasma? hardly worth it. better to have them as Order Islands behind the MAIN THRUST!!!! (oooer! couldnt resist block capitals!)

but with the lack of veteran squads too, your AP1 and AP2 action is gonna be pretty limited. but with a veteran squad with 3 plasmas and an autocannon clocking 125pts, maybe another 150 or so on a LR tank would be better. but id be worried about MC's and cheese-princes.

im surprised at the lack of Valkyries but without veterans and a very limited loadout for HQ squads why would you? they could have been pushed in tho i feel, as they are not held at regimental level but are loaned out by the Navy. (god that was a geeky thing to say)

i like the engineers option... as a counter assualt squad they would rule. kept back to guard against drop-podding cheesy nastiness. shame they cant take a special weapon tho. a flamer would go down just nice there.

 i REALLY like the fact Rough Riders are now more effective (for Krieg players that is). hitting on 5s was always their letdown but WS 4 makes them much better. a 50-50 chance of what 18 or so s5 power weapon hits making contact must make even termies shit the bed at night. 1 in 3 is a bit less cool. what wouold have been awesome is a special character that counts RR as troops. but that would be quite powerful and after all this isnt a SM codex.

but the thought of 70 rough riders on the charge does make give me nipples like ratlings cocks tho. i might have to work out if that is possible in a 1500pt game. a RR army! wow... second turn win indeed.


its good, but not for me. but i would recomend any IG general to check it over as it offers a real alternative that might suit your play better.

for me, i love my valks and vulture and veteran squads far too much. i also like the odd ratling squad and am going to try some ogryns. so in all honesty this list should be battery acid to me but.... hell i wish i could nick the stats for normal platoons. im sure i would take more platoon squads as i do tend to get bored and charge stuff.


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