Free magazine for the Savage Worlds system

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Free magazine for the Savage Worlds system

Billiam Babble
A new eZine for all things Savage World based:

The Savage Insider eZine (free on DriveThru) is specifically designed for Savage World players, including links and references to the multifarious games and genres connected with that flexible system.  The love for Savage Worlds glows on each page.  Also includes a comic strip!

Savage Insider is edited by Aaron Huss of Roleplayer's Chronicle, and The Mystical Throne, both fonts of much news and wisdom.

I hope that there are many more issues of this to come!


I know that this is technically an accessory - but I'm putting this is the Misc Systems category because I might be posting more more about Savage Worlds RPG games which definitely come under "misc" because of all the different settings.