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morning all
i came across another web store the other day that i think would like
Forlorn Hope Games
& it looks like Gary (the owner) dose a run on EM4 minis
i have spoke to him on the phone & he's a good bloke & for sometime he has been trying to restart the old Chippenham wargamers group
so anyone?

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Re: New Webstore


It seems that not only does he stock EM4 Miniatures, but he also carries some of their ranges that don't (as far as I've seen) appear on EM4's website!

I'd especially like to draw everyone's attention to the FANTASY ROLE PLAY MINIATURES section

 ^ This excellent set of 3 figures for just £3.65 really caught my eye - it's 3 stages of a Werewolf's transformation, not only would this make for a great 'surprise encounter' but the miniatures can also be used separately as normal NPCs and monsters

I also suggest anyone putting together a fantasy army check out the Fantasy Warriors section which carries a larger selection than E4M

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