First Tile Set: What do I use?

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First Tile Set: What do I use?

Hey all,

I'm new to the TL&LD, a DM for D&D Next, and I'm attempting to upgrade from a simple 1' square board and dry erase markers to using tiles.  I'm very excited, but have a couple questions.

1) What's the most cost effective way to do this?  I read print them out and use clear contact paper?

2) I've found soooo many good tiles here already.  So awesome! However, I'm looking for some wilderness tiles?  Woods, deserts, mountains and swamps.

Thanks, Jay
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Re: First Tile Set: What do I use?

Welcome aboard

I'm going to recommend our very own Billiam Babble's 'Inked Adventures' tiles as they include wilderness sets and the like as well as your more standard dungeon tiles.

You can find all of the Inked Adventures range on Drive Thru RPG Here (Including many free samples )

You may be worried because you don't see any desert tiles there, but fear not Mr Babble did make a set called Vexing Sands and you can read about them and where to get them Right Here

As for printing and keeping the tiles in good condition I'd recommend investing in a Laminator  (you can get a decent one for around £15 these days). Print on thick paper (or thin card), write a number on the back (so you can easily reference the piece on your DM's map) and laminate them before cutting out the individual tiles
This will give you a durable and waterproof finish which you also use with your dry erase pens to mark things like Traps and which areas have been searched.  

You can see some pictures of me and my group printing and laminating (and using) some of Billiam Babble's original tiles In This Thread Here
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