First Edition 1975 Tunnels&Trolls RPG (PDF on DTRPG)

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First Edition 1975 Tunnels&Trolls RPG (PDF on DTRPG)

Billiam Babble
A pdf for the reprint of the first edition Tunnels & Trolls can be bought and downloaded on DriveThruRPG (and the other OBS sites) 
(affiliate link)

As I type it's still only $1.95 USD - that's barely a guinea in real money.
It's a fun read if you're into inventing rule systems because it feels so much like a home-brew response to early D&D - which it is.
The pages are scans - I don't think the text is selectable (at least not on this ipad, anyhow)

I printed mine out as an A5 booklet.  The typed text is a little small - but it's nice to have a hand made portable copy :)

Tunnels & Trolls 1st edition Ken St.Andre RPG

Roll those six siders like it's 1975. ;)