Finaly Found the 1st ed Blood Bowl and Expation Pack

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Finaly Found the 1st ed Blood Bowl and Expation Pack

Captin Kabeered
Hello All,

It has been quite a while since my last full post.

So here is an exciting sports game find that I hope you will enjoy:-
( In Two Half's non the less )

1st  half
BB 1sted and Expiation Pack Death Zone  size: 61 MB

Please note : That the  team roster sheets are Blue for Blood Bowl and Pink for Death Zone plus the Grey campaign roster at the back of the expansion rules.  

2nd half
WD Bits for Blood Bowl 1sted - Including issue 86 Skaven Scrablers  size: 26.4 MB

This is all the 1sted WD articles I could find / remember reading . Plus in WD 86 there is also rules for adding Gnomes to WHFRP 1st edition as well as Dogs of War Mercenaries for War Hammer and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Then there is the painted Zoat and Firme in the Model section too.

Back to Blood Bowl 1sted
I found this link to Blood Bowl 1sted teams from Midgard blood bowl page:

They have a correlation between 1st edition values and 4th edition values in red text. As that was the current version at the time of the page. Note: The same profile stat values were also used in 3rd edition.  

My idea for table on back page of the 1sted rule book and or picture.

On BB1sted Star Players Table change
Score: 2 Ability: Roll twice (ignoring rolls of 2) or choose any ability except Magic.

Score: 2 Ability: Very Fast, + 2 to Movement. Roll again (Ignoring rolls of 2) or choose any ability
except Magic.

It has always puzzled me why the Score 2 ability has never had a  1st part .  If you roll it nothing happens and you roll again or choose an ability. The 1st roll is wasted only to roll again ... strange.. At least with my idea the roll is not wasted and the Missing +2 Movement ability is finally returned after a VERY long time .

The Rule of 2 and 12 from Death Zone rulebook Page 3 states :
Whenever you are rolling against a characteristic on two dice, a roll of 12 before modification always
fails and a roll of 2 always succeeds.

This main rule is interesting as the same rule in other games i.e. Advanced Hero Quest Combat
Section: On Fable and Critical is the opposite. 12 OR 11  is Success and 1 OR 2 is failure.
Also in Warhammer and WH40K rolls of 1 always fail and 6 always succeeds. Although this may only
be in WH 2nded and WH40K 2nded onwards..

I hope everyone enjoys themselves and let me know your thoughts on this old game.

Until next time adventuring sports fans keep Going for, Goging for , GOLD  .

Captin Kabeered  shoving off again  on the hunt for more adventure and dare I say it again GOLD  .