Fighting Fantasy on Ebay UK (AFF Blacksand)

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Fighting Fantasy on Ebay UK (AFF Blacksand)

Billiam Babble
Mainly for the attention of Mortis ...
I couldn't remember if you were short of one of the AFF books, just seen Blacksand on Ebay:
(ends on 29May11)


To all:

For fast searching of Fighting Fantasy on Ebay here's a link:

Hone down by selecting "books" etc. however, beware! sometimes gamebooks are listed under Wargames and Role-playing - in "Toys"!


Whilst I'm here, a quick reminder that I have a selection of FF books on my own site (still adding):

Sometimes I sell on Ebay:
and Amazon:

Also I have a gamebooks dedicated aStore which points to Amazon which lists recent FF books, which is fun for checking out the new covers. :)