Female Water Elemental

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Sometimes it's hard to think of a good opening line for a post - here's a female Water Elemental that I finished recently.

This model started out life as a 'Siren' figure from a range of plastic toys called 'Monsters in my Pocket'. She came as part of a bunch of similar toy figures Messy won on eBay recently and is certainly one of the best figures from the range. I immediately saw the figure's potential and went about turning her into an awesome female Water Elemental to go with my Female Fire Elemental

The figure was trimmed and cleaned with a sharp knife before I mounted it on a 30mm Warmachine style base and then used green stuff to extend the details of the lower part of the figure out onto the base to match similar work I'd done to my other Elemental's bases. Originally the she had cute little elf-ears, but unfortunately they were quite mangled by the time I got hold of her, so I removed the remains of them as I cleaned up the figure

 ^The Siren figure shortly after she arrived in the mail at Messy's place, shown along side Messy's Barbarian character Deverell and standing on a 40mm base for scale (picture taken by Messy and daringly used without permission)

Because of the rubbery nature of the plastic the figure is made from it doesn’t take paint too well so a good primer is essential - I used MP black primer for the undercoat on this figure and it worked very nicely. The colour scheme was chosen to match my previously painted Water Elemental, but this time I used blues from Privateer Press's Formula P3 paints range. An old Citadel Blue Glaze and a coat of gloss varnish  complete the watery effect.

So I guess it's time for the bonus pictures ...

 ^ The female Fire and Water elemental side by side - Now I just need to find 2 more suitable models to use a female Earth and Air Elementals (and yes I have noticed it looks a bit like Fire is reaching out for Water's boob in the picture)

 ^ Trapped in a dead end alley by an Orc warband a Sorceress summons a Water Elemental with a little help from Photoshop

The buildings you see in background of the above pictures are of course from TableTop Towns


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Re: Female Water Elemental

I shall let that little porky slide e_e
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Wonderful repaint job.  Absolutely stunning.
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