Female Warrior Statue

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Standing in the exact centre of the room is a stone statue of a woman in armour. You examine it carefully and finally even touch it - but it is merely a statue, nothing magical or special. 

A recent adventure I ran required a statue of a woman in armour, so in the typical fashion of a busy GM, I went about making one on the day before the game. The miniature I used is an 'Anti-Mage Assassin' from Eastern Front Studios and she's a nice, but rather odd figure. I noticed as soon as I'd got her that she's covered in some usual detail in the form a of random pattern of grooves all over her body, which I initially interpreted as a cracked stone like texture (hence using the miniature as a statue) but I have been informed in the course of writing this post that she is in fact wearing a kind of armoured catsuit made of crude leather pieces stitched together.
I glued the miniatures integral base into an Armalion base which in turn I had mounted atop a 25mm Square base to form the statue's plinth

Painting was a rather simple affair using several greys, brown-ish greys and brown washes which I see no real need to go into here as you can probably all guess the colour's I've used  

Those who like a random bit of trivia will be interested to know that her shield was originally sculpted over a 1 eurocent coin and part of the original concept for the miniature was that the shield doubled as a floating disc

The bonus picture is a shot of the statue being used in-game which you'll note is underwhelmingly similar to the main picture

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Re: Female Warrior Statue

pretty cool! I should make some statues as well, just need to find the right minis to sacrifice.
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