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OK, so sometime during the summer I'll kick off into part II of the Mordheim campaign and this time the enemy enemy of choise will be undead rather than beastmen.

Behind the undead unrest is the dreaded Mortis von Carstein.

Here's my take on the fellow.

The only spawn of famous nutcase Conrad von Carstein, Mortis von C is not as bonkers as daddy.
He does however lack the talent for magics on a battlefield scale as Conrad did and thus will not have spells for the purposes of the campaign.

Here are his stats:

Move: 6
WS: 6
BS: 4
S: 5
T: 5
W: 3
A: 3
I: 8
Ld: 10

Mounted on an undead steed.
Wearing heavy armour. (Possibly magical?)
Lucky Charm (A Carstein signet ring, althogh not the Carstein Ring
Weapon of Choise:
His enchanted longsword "Corpse Candle"

I have yet decided on Skills and I don't know what the magics of Corpse Candle are to be.

So how any ideas or inspirational concepts are welcome.

I want him to be tough but not a "LOL! Everyone dies!"-kind of opponent.

Also, the mini for the gentleman in question is available for viewing in the the Miniatures section and his descendant (mortal or otherwise) is in charge of the forum. :)