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Ever Fancied wargaming for 24 hours???? Well now's your chance, we will start at 10am on Saturday 12th March and game throughout the day and night, finishing at 10am on Sunday. The 24 hour games will be fully progressive starting with 500 point armies, working up to 2,500 point armies so more
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So, the Inquisitor Grand Tournament has officially been announced :D March 26th at Warhammer World, it's a good day for anyone who wants a days' worth of Inquisitor gaming or just an excuse to try out the system, having a plethora or experienced players and first-timers (or those, like me, who more
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There is a legend. To the east of the Iron Kingdoms, east even of the Iosans, lies a great desert. Among the sands lies a forgotten city, all but consumed by time, all but erased by history. At the centre of this forgotten place lies a ruined temple, and buried deep in its vaults stands a tomb. more
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Hi All, We're sending out a call-to-arms for all those with an interest in helping something innovative take root and grow! And when it comes to gaming that's pretty much all of us! We're running a small tourney called Perditus on Saturday, 11th December, it will be 500pts of Space more
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Hi all, Here is a little summary of the events we are planning over the coming months!! There should be something in here to interest you as we are doing different gaming systems and types of events including a Bring and Buy sale in December. More information can be found on our website more
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Hi All, just a quick note to update you all on the timings for the Grand Opening so you don’t miss anything. Any questions please call or drop us am email or through our NEW website, which has some special discounts on!! Saturday 18th September. Arrival and general chatting from 9am. more
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Yes that’s right, James Karch is coming to Triple Helix Wargames to officially open the Centre. Our ribbon cutting and welcome will be at 09:30 on Saturday 18th September, however the fun doesn’t stop there. Our Grand Opening includes a Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2,000 point Doubles Tournament, more
by Triple Helix Wargame... • | | 1 comment
Hi All, Just to let you know we have a Privateer Press, Press Ganger, Helen coming to us this Saturday. She will be here from 10:30 and will be doing demo and pick up games all day so come along and have a go.... the models are brilliant and the game is fun so why not try something new!!! more
by General Biakal • | | 0 comments if been to the last two of these. the are fucking brill. not too much GW but loads of other companies with a few indies and if you look close some real gems...
by Triple Helix Wargame... • | | 2 comments
Hi All, Tickets are now available for Peninsular of Tranquillity, our Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament at our Grand Opening on 18th/19th September. The tournament will be a 2,000 point doubles tournament based on 8th Edition Rules and current Army Book and FAQ’s. Each member of the team more
by Triple Helix Wargame... • | | 3 comments
Hi All, We are running our first Tournament here at Triple Helix Wargames on 24/25th July. It will be a 40k tournament with 30 places. Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, also for Best Painted Army and Best Sportsman. 1st Prize is an aluminium KR Multicase with foams of your choice. more
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WHERE? Kelham Hall, Newark YOUR HOSTS? Newark Irregulars Tabletop Wargame Group WHAT GOES ON? all the main info about the event is found here this event is mainly an historical and contemporary event, but often there are a few gems to be found for GW fans... in particular, more
by General Biakal • | | 6 comments
are any of you spanners going to be attending this event? i am- wanna meet? i will be wearing a red flower
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